Multifamily Property Near Texas A&M University

Property Name: Multifamily Property Near Texas A&M University
Location: College Station, TX
Property Type: Apartment/Multi-Family
Transaction Type: Permanent Financing
Loan Amount: Undisclosed
Details: Vice President of Q10 KDH, Larry Peters, worked with an Agency lender to arrange floating rate financing for a 144 unit multi-family property in College Station, TX. This is the second multi-family loan in College Station financed by Mr. Peters in the last two months. The property has a mix of student and non-student residents and caters to a roommate situation, as the asset offers mostly large 2BR/2BA units. With an interest rate in the mid 3’s, and a 30 year amortization as well as an interest only component, the increased cash over the prior debt is significant. This type of debt also allows for an easy exit with a very low prepayment option.
More Info: Larry Peters at 713-871-5812 or contact me